Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that helps to remove the discoloration and stain on the teeth. It is a safe cosmetic procedure that provides effective results to the patients. Uptown Smiles offers professional teeth whitening services to patients with the help of expert dentists. 

Facts About Teeth Whitening.

  • Teeth whitening treatment provides a brighter and radiant smile to the patient. 
  • The treatment enhances the self-esteem and confidence of the patients about their appearance. 
  • It is a personalized treatment where the patient can choose the whiteness shade of the teeth. 
  • Teeth whitening is a quick procedure that can be completed in a single appointment at the dentistry. 
  • It enhances the oral health of the patient. 
  • Professional teeth whitening is more effective than over-the-counter whitening kits. 

The Procedure of Teeth Whitening. 

The dentist does a dental checkup to know if they have dental crowns, caps, or tooth filling as they cannot be whitened using the treatment. The patient is made to rest on a chair where the procedure is performed. A protective barrier is placed in the mouth to avoid the contact of the whitening agent with the rest of the mouth. 

Whitening gel, which consists of hydrogen peroxide, is applied to the teeth. It is an effective agent that removes stronger stains. A heating lamp or laser is aimed at the teeth, which helps to accelerate the whitening process. The process is repeated after 20 minutes to obtain the desired whiteness for the teeth. The difference in the shade of the color is visible within an hour. 

Aftercare for whitening teeth. 

Few specific dietary restrictions are advised, including avoiding acidic and colored food for a minimum of 48 hours. Extremely hot and cold food should also be avoided to reduce the discomfort caused by sensitivity. The patient is advised to brush their teeth gently after the teeth whitening process. 

The dentist prescribes the use of sensitive toothpaste that helps to reduce discomfort after the treatment. A regular visit to the dentists is beneficial to understand the patient's oral health after the whitening treatment and also to provide exceptional care, expertise and education to the patient regarding oral health. If proper care is taken, whitened teeth can be maintained for as long as a year.

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