A Dental Crown is a cap that is worn over the damaged teeth. It helps to hide cracked, broken, and discolored teeth and restores the appearance of the person. Crown provides good shape to the existing tooth. 

Dental Bridge is a false tooth that is fixed in the gaps between the teeth caused due to tooth loss. It helps to restore the ability to chew and eat food properly. Uptown Smiles has efficient dentists who provide dental crown and dental bridge facilities to the patients after we take our time getting to know you and your dental needs, better. 

Facts about Crown. 

  • Proper dental care like brushing and flossing needs to be followed to keep the crown clean.
  • Good dental health helps maintain the crown for a longer period.
  • It helps in making the smile look more appealing.
  • Crowns help to protect the weak tooth.
  • It helps to keep the teeth in shape and proper alignment.
  • Crowns provide more strength and functionality to the damaged tooth. 

Facts about Bridge.

  • The adjacent teeth of the damaged tooth should have the strength to support the bridge. 
  • Bridges are made from Porcelain and other composite materials.
  • They help to align the teeth in the expected position.
  • Good care of bridges can help increase their durability.
  • A regular dental routine is important to keep the bridge clean.
  • Bridges enable proper chewing of food.
  • It helps to maintain the shape of the face.
  • Dental Bridges help to correct problems in speech and pronunciation.

The Procedure of Crowns and Bridges.

  • Crowns: The patients are made to undergo multiple digital imaging tests. This helps to take the proper measurements required for the crown. It is sent to the laboratory to accurately fabricate the crown required for the tooth. The dentist scrapes out the outer layer of the natural tooth, after which the crown is affixed on the tooth. It is polished to match the color of the natural tooth. 
  • Bridges: The dentists do multiple digital imaging tests for the patients, which help to plan the treatment better. The mold for the dentures is fabricated by taking the impressions of the upper and lower gums. It provided the size, shape, and color as discussed by the patient. Once the dentures have been fabricated, they are waxed to the gums of the patients.

Uptown Smiles, located in Oklahoma City, OK, has expert dentists who provide Crowns, bridges, and other dental treatments to the patients. Call at (405) 702-7766 and book an appointment with the dentistry for a complete oral check-up. 



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