At Uptown Smiles, we believe in comprehensive care for the entire body. Oral Conscious Sedation is a technique that helps to reduce pain, anxiety, and discomfort during dental procedures. The process helps to reduce the stress and fear in the patients during the dental treatments. It relaxes the patients and reduces the discomfort during oral surgeries. Oral Conscious Sedation enables the patients to move forward with the complicated dental treatments without being anxious about it. 

Facts About Oral Conscious Sedation.

  • The patient remains conscious through the procedure and is mostly awake during the treatment.
  • Conscious sedation wears out quicker than general anesthesia. 
  • It is used during treatments like dental cleaning, endoscopy, and cavity filling.
  • There are different delivery methods for Oral Conscious Sedation, like tablets or through inhalation.
  • The patient can communicate to the dentist when they are on oral conscious sedation.  
  • There are different stages of Oral Conscious Sedation which are minimal, moderate, and deep.
  • It is an ideal option for people who may have a phobia of dental treatments. 
  • The dentists do essential patient checkups to know if they are the right candidate for the sedation. 

The procedure of Oral Conscious Sedation. 

The patient is made to sit on the chair or lie on the table where the dental treatment takes place. The sedative is provided to the patient by a  tablet , or a facial mask can inhale it. The sedative takes time to show the effect on the patient. It may take a few minutes or thirty to sixty minutes for the sedative to affect the person completely.  

The dentist monitors the breathing pattern and the blood pressure of the patient to make sure they are functioning at normal levels. The dentists begin the dental procedure, and conscious sedation helps patients sit through it with comfort. 

Cost of Oral Conscious Sedation. 

The cost of Oral Conscious Sedation depends on several factors. It relies on the type of sedative that is being used and the type of procedure that is being done. It also depends on how long the patient needs to be sedated during the dental procedure. Other factors like the expertise of the dentist and the location of the dentistry also have an effect on the cost of Oral Conscious Sedation. 

Uptown Smiles, located in Oklahoma City, OK, provides Oral Conscious Sedation to patients with utmost care and safety. Call Dentist in Oklahoma City OK at (405) 702-7766 and book an appointment with the dentistry for expert care for your dental health. 



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