Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that is used to align or straighten the teeth. It is made of durable plastic and is invisible. Invisalign helps to treat dental bite conditions and removes gaps in between the teeth. Uptown Smiles has expert dentists who provide Invisalign treatment to patients with the help of modern technologies, patient education, careful listening and custom treatment planning.

Facts about Invisalign

  • Virtually Invisible: Invisalign is made of clear plastic and blends with the natural tooth. Unlike traditional braces, it does not make the patients conscious about their smiles. 
  • It is removable: Invisalign can be removed while eating and brushing the teeth. It has to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day for better effectiveness. 
  • No particular diet: Unlike traditional braces, patients can have all types of food and drinks when they wear Invisalign. There are no restrictions on a diet during the treatment as the appliance is removable.
  • Adult treatment: It is a treatment advised for adolescents and adults or those above the age of 14.
  • Comfortable treatment:  Invisalign is the best option available in dental treatments for straightening the tooth. There is no significant discomfort caused by wearing them.

Procedure of Invisalign

The procedure of Invisalign treatment begins by capturing the 3D images or creating a model  of the mouth using a digital imaging system or putty-like product. This helps the dentists to understand the necessities of the patient. The orthodontist or general dentist makes a treatment plan for the patient. 

An accurate model of the expected Invisalign is created using the images. The images are sent to the laboratory for the creation of the aligner tray. Once they are fabricated, the dentist attaches the Invisalign onto the teeth. 

Multiple appointments with the dentist are necessary for the entire procedure. The patient will receive a new pair of aligners once the progress of changes has occurred to the shape of the teeth. It is mandatory to follow the after-care instructions advised by the dentists. 

The trays need to be cleaned in cold water or using the solution provided by the dentist. It is also compulsory to wear the aligner at night while sleeping. Invisalign is a cost-effective procedure that requires a good amount of time for the complete alignment of the teeth. 

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