Some dental conditions might require the removal of the tooth. This process is referred to as tooth extraction. It is a procedure that helps to terminate the spread of infections amongst the teeth. Extractions are also necessary if there has been an injury that cannot be treated through dental procedures.

Most people require extraction for the removal of wisdom teeth. It is also necessary before treatments like braces and Invisalign. At Uptown Smiles, tooth extractions are done for patients with exceptional care, expertise and education.

The Procedure of Extractions. 

There are two types of Extractions which are surgical extractions and simple extractions.

  • Simple Extractions: It is a simple procedure that includes the removal of the tooth in the mouth. The tooth is numbed using anesthesia, after which the dentists remove the tooth using an instrument called the elevator. A general dentist performs tooth extraction in dentistry. 
  • Surgical Extraction: It is performed on patients whose tooth has broken off from the gums, or the tooth has not erupted in the mouth. After providing anesthesia for numbing the area, the dentist makes a small cut in the gums to remove the tooth completely.  Oral surgeons attend to most surgical extractions, but general dentists can also perform the surgery.

The patients need to bite on a dry sterile gauze immediately after the extraction for up to 45 minutes. This helps to limit the bleeding. It also aids clotting of the area. After observing the patient for a while, they are provided with instructions to be followed for healing purposes. 

After Care post Extractions. 

The dentist provides instructions to be followed after the process of tooth extraction. The first 24 hours post the extraction, the patient should avoid washing the mouth vigorously or cleaning the tooth around the treatment area. The patient should also avoid smoking. Anti inflammatories  are prescribed by the dentist, which helps to reduce the discomfort after the anesthesia wears out. 

The dentists also recommend the patients avoid strenuous activities and consumption of extreme hot beverages for a while. The swelling in the treatment area can be eased by placing an ice pack around it. In case of pain and swelling, the patients are advised to visit the dentists immediately. 

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