Botox has been used by doctors for cosmetic as well as medical purposes. Reducing facial wrinkles is one of the most common applications of botox. The treatment should be performed through exceptional care, expertise and education by a licensed doctor to avoid the side effects of the therapy. Botox is injected into the skin and temporarily paralyzes the muscle, hence reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It is the safest and most effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles.

How is Botox Used for Treating Wrinkles?

Botox works by blocking the muscle contractions and nerve signals, hence improving the appearance of wrinkles around your eyes and between the eyebrows. It also slows down the formation of new lines by preventing muscle contraction. The procedure takes around ten minutes and does not involve any incision or general anesthesia.

During the procedure, we will use a thin needle to administer diluted botulinum toxin type A into your neuromuscular tissue. If you are concerned about pain or discomfort, we will give you topical anesthesia or use an ice cube to numb the area. The targeted area for the therapy will be between the eyebrows, forehead, and sides of your eyes.

You will be advised not to scratch or rub the treated area because that can cause the drug to spread to other areas.

Botox for Medical Usage

Botox can be used to treat certain medical conditions as well that affect the neuromuscular system. These conditions include:

    • Cervical dystonia: This is a painful condition in which muscles involuntarily contract, causing your head to turn or twist to an uncomfortable position.
    • Lazy Eye: It is when the vision of someone’s eye does not develop the way it should. The most common cause of it is an imbalance in the muscle responsible for eye positioning.
    • Hyperhidrosis: In this condition, you can excessively sweat, even when the temperature isn’t hot.
    • Eye twitching: This condition can cause uncontrollable eye squeezing or twitching of eyelids. Botox injections may help relieve this squeezing or twitching.
    • Muscle contractures: Neurological conditions like cerebral palsy can cause your limbs to pull in towards the center. With Botox injections, these contractions can be relaxed.

Side effects are rare in people who get Botox injections. Noticeable results are expected in 24-48 hours of the treatment, and the effect can last up to a year. You must give complete disclosure of your medical health to the doctor giving you Botox treatment as we believe in comprehensive care for the entire body of the patient. 

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