Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography is X-ray equipment that helps produce 3D images of the oral and the maxillofacial region. The equipment provides images of the teeth, bone, tissues, and nerve pathways in the mouth. We believe in comprehensive care for the entire body which can be achieved by using it for treatment planning. Uptown Smiles used cone beam CT imaging for patients who require complex dental procedures that need detailed diagnoses. 

The Procedure of Cone Beam CT Imaging

The patient is made to sit on the exam chair or lie down on the exam table. The area that requires the scanning is positioned, and the patient is asked to remain still as the X-ray source revolves around the mouth in a 360-degree rotation. Multiple images are captured from different angles.

The entire mouth is captured in the images, which can be viewed immediately. It is a non-invasive procedure that requires no use of anesthesia. The process takes less than a minute, and the results can be stored as long as required by the patients for future references.  

How Cone Beam CT Imaging Is Used in Dentistry

  • The procedure helps in the placement of dental implants. 
  • It helps to detect and treat the tumors that appear in the mouth.
  • The images can be used for evaluating nasal cavities and nerve canals.
  • Cone Beam CT Imaging evaluates the tooth orientation of the patients. 
  • The 3D images help in the treatment planning of the affected teeth.
  •  It provides the cleft palate assessment of the patient. 

Benefits of Cone Beam CT Imaging

  • The radiation of the equipment is less compared to the traditional imaging equipment.
  • There are no side effects caused by cone beam CT imaging.
  • It captures the image of the soft tissues and bone. 
  • Cone beam CT imaging provides accurate imaging of the mouth.
  • It aids the precise treatment planning of the patient. 
  • Cone beam CT imaging is vital for endodontics treatments. 
  • It is a non-invasive imaging system that can be performed quickly. 

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