Digital dental records enable the easy creation, integration, update, storage, and retrieval of the dental records of the patient. Modern technologies have been installed in dentistries that are able to store a large number of records and quickly retrieve these digital dental records of each patient. These digital records help in providing better and efficient treatment to the patients. Uptown Smiles provides to all of our patients the digital dental record facility, which offers convenience and efficiency in treatment.

What Do Digital Dental Records Cover?

Digital Dental Records cover the information about the patient that begins with the registration number and personal details like their home address and contact numbers. It also has details regarding the insurance coverage of the patient. We take our time getting to know you and your overall dental condition with the help of the records. If the patient has had gum diseases, the periodontal charting from the treatment can be found in the digital dental record. 

The history of diagnoses, treatments, and medications that are being taken is stored in the digital record. The digital images of the patient like X-rays can also be found in the digital dental record. The record also includes all the information from the dental laboratory. Data analysis of the patients' reports can also be found in the records, making it convenient to retrieve and reference at any time. 

Benefits of Digital Dental Records

  • It allows dentists to have quick access to the patient's dental records. 
  • Dentists can reuse dental records for better health treatment. 
  • It aids the easy management of large volumes of dental records, thus saving space.
  • It increases convenience for dentists as digital dental records enable quick assessment and accurate treatment. 
  • Digital dental records show the pre-existing medical conditions of the patient.

Technical Assistance for Digital Dental Records 

The dentistry has to be equipped with computers and corresponding software that help to provide, store, and receive digital dental records. Computers and other computer hardware help to store the information safely and also to carry the records when required. A good network connection is essential for the entire process of recording the information, which also helps to make the process faster. The facility needs to be designed appropriately to make digital dental records convenient to use for dentists.

Uptown Smiles, located in Oklahoma City, OK, provides dental treatments to patients under the supervision of expert dentists. Dial (405) 702-7766 and book an appointment with the Dentist in Oklahoma City OK for more information about technologies used in dentistry and dental routines. 



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