Digital X-ray

Digital X-ray is a form of diagnostic radiography that captures images of various internal parts of the body. In dentistry, it takes images of the teeth, gums, and mouth. This procedure helps to diagnose dental problems more accurately and efficiently. 

Digital X-rays help dentists to view what normal eyes cannot see. At Uptown Smiles, our accomplished dentists provide digital X-ray services when needed to our patients which enables exceptional care, expertise and education regarding their dental condition. 

The Procedure of Digital X-Ray

Dental X-ray is a simple and quick procedure through which digital images can be produced in very little time. The patient is prepared for the procedure by making them comfortable on the chair with a vest on their chest and lap to protect them from the minimal radiation produced. It is mandatory for the patient to brush their teeth before the X-ray process. The machine is placed alongside the head and the sensor is placed inside the mouth which records the images of the mouth.

The images that are captured can be immediately viewed on a screen that has been connected to the machine. The dentist can address all the dental problems using these digital images. They can also be printed and digitally stored for future reference. 

Use of Digital X-ray in Dental Treatments 


  • Digital X-ray helps to detect tooth decay. It takes images of the small areas of decay around or beneath the teeth. 
  • It helps in preparation for dental treatments like braces, dental implants, and other procedures. 
  • It shows developmental abnormalities like tumors and cysts that are in the mouth. 
  • Digital X-rays reveal infections between the gums, tooth, and roots of the tooth. 
  • It also helps to detect gum diseases and bone loss in the mouth. 


Benefits of Digital X-Ray


  • It is an efficient and easier method of capturing digital images compared to the traditional X-ray process.
  • The images can be obtained in any size with higher quality resolution.
  • It is a quick process that can be done on the same appointment as another dental procedure.
  • Digital X-ray equipment produces less radiation on the patients.  
  • It is a non-invasive process that does not cause any pain to the patient. 
  • The images can be stored as hard copies and digitally as long as required.
  • It can be digitally transferred to any place for reference. 


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