TMJ or Temporomandibular joint disorders are problems in the jaw and the muscles of the face that control it. It can be caused by injuries in the jaw or joint. TMJ disorder can also be a reflection of injuries on the muscles of the head and neck. At Uptown Smiles, the patients are provided with dental procedures that can treat TMJ disorders through patient education, careful listening and custom treatment planning. 

Causes of TMJ Disorder. 

  • Habits like clenching and grinding of the teeth put pressure on the joints, which results in TMJ disorder.
  • Inflammation of the joints, which is referred to as Arthritis, can cause TMJ disorder. 
  • The dislocation of the disk from the joint socket can result in the disorder. 
  • TMJ disorder may also occur due to stress, resulting in the tightening of the facial and jaw muscles.

The Major Treatments for TMJ Disorders.

  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS): It is a dental therapy that uses low-level electric current to provide relief to the patients. It helps to relax the jaw joint and facial muscles. The process relieves the soreness and improves the mobility of the joint.
  • Radio wave therapy: It is a therapy that helps stimulate blood flow in the joint area. The process helps to ease the pain and provides relief to the patients. 
  • Low-level laser therapy: It is a laser treatment that helps to reduce pain and inflammation. The patient can move the neck and open the mouth wide after the treatment.  
  • Trigger-point injections: The trigger points on the facial muscles are injected with pain relief medications or anesthesia. It helps the patients to relax as the pain is relieved from the process. 
  • Surgery for TMJ disorder:  There are three major surgeries that help to provide relief to the patients. They are Arthrocentesis, Open-joint surgery, and Arthroscopy.
  • Dental Work:  Dental treatments like crowns and bridges can bring changes to bite problems. Orthodontic procedures can help in aligning the teeth in their position. It helps the patients to gradually reduce TMJ disorders.
  • Splint or NIght guard: It is a mouthpiece made of plastic that is placed over the upper and lower teeth. It is an effective treatment for people who clench and grind their teeth. Splints are worn round the clock, while night guards are worn while sleeping in the night.

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